About MicroTec Anti-slip Tiles

MicroTec is an advanced tile glazing technology that is applied during the manufacturing process to create a smooth surface on the tile while adding a high level of slip resistance. This unique feature makes MicroTec tiles perfect for indoor and outdoor use, including wet areas. Unlike traditional tiles that have separate internal and external versions with different textures, colors, and batching, MicroTec tiles bring seamless consistency to your indoor and outdoor spaces. This is because MicroTec's fine uniform coating of microscopic granules forms a smooth anti-slip finish that lasts the life of your tile.

If you choose MicroTec tiles, we highly recommend using Aqua Mix Grout Release for the initial grout cleaning process. This is because MicroTec tiles have an anti-slip surface, which requires a thorough grout cleaning process. Here are some helpful tips to follow when grouting:

  • Wipe off excessive grout approximately 15 minutes after application or when the grout begins to harden.
  • Conduct a water change every 4m2 to remove the polymer from grouting, which causes dirt and debris to stick to the tile surface.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to buff off grout residue after the surface becomes dry.
  • If there is still grout haze or other stubborn marks after the above process, use Aquamix Grout Haze Cleaner. For Epoxy grout, we recommend using Aquamix Sealer & Coating Remover.

After following these steps, your tiles can be cleaned normally. If you want to enjoy beautiful, consistent, and slip-resistant tiles, MicroTec is the way to go!

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